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WIREHAZARD COMMUNICATIONS was founded in 2004 as a purely collaborative initiative. By bringing specialists in various fields together and keeping an open, honest dialog with our clients, we have demystified digital marketing. In doing so we have guided our clients further in their endeavors than they thought possible.

Wirehazard consists of an agile consortium of copywriters, developers, media specialists, illustrators, designers, data architects, and marketing gurus. Our team is nimble, creative, responsive, and provides top level results across all aspects of brand management and digital marketing.

Our mission has always been a sharp focus on our client's specific needs. All products and services that we create are client specific and carefully taylored to fit their specific business needs. By partnering with our clients at every step of the process, we not only deliver exactly what the client needs, but we also foster an honest understanding of our process as well as an indepth understanding of the intricacies of what we have produced for them.

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WIREHAZARD COMMUNICATIONS offers a wide range of services that will build your brand loyalty. Here are some of the ways Wirehazard can help you:

  • Copywriting (Professional writers to give your company a singular voice. Which is essential for building rapport with your clientele.)

  • Development (Website, business systems, database and integration to get your business running efficiently and effectively)

  • Graphic Design (Illustration and Design for web, direct marketing, company brands, newsletters, advertising, flyers, business cards, etc.)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization strategy to get your business found by your customers)

  • Campaign Management (Let us build a strategy to push your business to your customers. Through direct marketing, social media, email newsletters, and radio and television spots, We can push your business directly to your customer's front door.)

  • Media Production (Capture your audience with interactive experiences for web, direct marketing, kiosks, conferences, television, and more. If you can imagine it, we can deliver it.)

  • Photography (Our in house photographers will support your business needs from Staff photography, products, events, conferences, and more.)

  • Videography (If a picture says a 100 words then a video will say a thousand. Capture your company message in virtually any format for web, tv, or distributable packets of dvds. Video allows you to speak directly to your clients and drive up your sales.

  • Audio Production (Our audio specialists, musicians, and songwriters can deliver the mood to your customers by video soundtracking web videos, television commercials, and multimedia presentations. Giving your audience a consistent experience with every aspect of your marketing will build brand loyalty)

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  • Joe Black (founder and solutions architect)
    Mr. Black has been in the technology field for over 17 years and has worked in various industries and held many roles. Names in the Entertainment industry including Turner Entertainment, CNN, Atlanta Braves, News 12 New York, Cablevision Properties, The Wiz, Optimum Online, Playboy Entertainment, Southern Living Magazine, Health Magazine and many more; Advertising and Marketing Agencies including Fleishman Hillard International and Maritz; and financial giant Wachovia Corporation.

    Not only working in the trenches of hands on development, Mr. Black has also managed teams of technology professionals, acted as liaison for technology initiatives between directors of various divisions of Marketing, Sales, Infrastructure and even CEOs of Major Media conglomerates. Receiving many merit awards and recognition for successful product launches along the way, Joe was also nominated for a Bandie Broadband Award for innovation in 1999. Leaning on his natural creative ability, love of technology, and adventurous spirit, Mr. Black has led hundreds of deadline driven projects on the bleeding edge of technology, always pushing the envelope for tomorrow’s tech trends.

    Currently, Mr. Black owns a St. Louis based consulting company, is a partner in a manufacturing startup and provides technology expertise to clientele from coast to coast.

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WIREHAZARD COMMUNICATIONS is locally owned and operated. Founded in 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri.

3002 S. Jefferson Ave
Suite 2031
St. Louis, MO 63118

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